My name is Kristen.

I have been married to Joey for 10 years. He can out-cook, out-picture take, and out-sarcasm me 99% of the time. But the nice thing about him is that he doesn’t like to show off, so he never does it in public.

We have three children together and I am a wicked (in the way that means awesome) stepmother to two older kids.

I homeschool my 5 year old twin boys and 8 year old daughter. I started homeschooling:

  1. to see if I could do it, and
  2. because I’m extra sentimental by nature, and I can feel that our family is right in the middle of what we will one day refer to as “the good ole days”. I know it’s only a matter of time before my boys stop asking me if their high-kicks are high, if their Lego ships are cool, or if Dad could take Samson in a fight, so I selfishly try and make sure I am the one who gets to answer those questions most of the time.

I live in an old house on an even older island in Hawaii.

I love the idea of healthy food and beautiful pictures, although I’m not great at creating either one.

I would consider becoming a vegetarian if I could still eat bacon. And sushi. Okay, and turkey.

I could, however, never go vegan due to the nature of my relationships with butter and chocolate.


2 responses to “About

  1. PAM

    I love this “isle child”.💖Keep it up. All the
    that you love about your life…well, I love
    them too. I’d love to comment on your
    photography. Please Post some pictures.

    Sentimental Mom

    • Lisa

      I love your bio! It is so YOU! I just wanted to clarify A couple things…. from the looks of the swamp-slime green residue on the inside of your mason jars, you must make a mean green smoothie (very healthy) and I know for a fact you are a gifted photographer. I too, would love to see more of your candid shots posted here!

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