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For Your Twinformation…Diaper Blowouts are a Phase


If there was anything I appreciated back when I was expecting my boys it was a thumbs up from a twin mom on the other side. Even when they were infants and I had dark circles, milk crusted clothes, a pacifier in my teeth and giant biceps from hauling two baby carriers around, I loved running into a stranger at Costco with older twins or triplets who would give me a knowing nod and say, “It gets easier.” It put the wind back in my sails, for a minute. Then the inspirational music would fade out, she’d walk away, I’d be jerked back into the present by warm spit up traveling down the back of my shirt from the boy I thought was sleeping on my shoulder. Oh well. That little bit of encouragement would keep me going 6 more sleepless nights until my next Costco trip.

Let me tell you, anyone expecting two or more babies and feeling terrified, I’m finally on the other side of toddlerhood and it not only gets easier, it gets awesome. The boys are each others’ best friend. It’s like having a constant play date without having to clean up before the other kid comes over.

I feel like I pushed a double jogging stroller (the kind withOUT the front swivel wheel) up a hill for a few years, and now that we are coasting downhill I’m more worried that they don’t need me to push anymore and the handle will slip away from me. (Don’t worry, I’ll probably let go around the 18 mile marker.)




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